outer space on earth


About Planets

Planets is a location based mobile multi-player online game. During gameplay you will gather the resources stuff, black matter and wisdom. The Space Station is your (almost static) home base while the Space Ship reflects you travelling in outer space on earth.

Disclaimer: The game is in early stages. Feedback welcome 

Your Control Center


Your Mission

Don't wait! Enter your spaceship. Become a spacehead and explore outer space and pile up the resources stuff, black matter and wisdom in the cargo bay of your spaceship. Monsters are roaming around in space. They are drawn to areas with low black matter concentration like moths to the flame. So don't be surprised to find a lot of them near highly frequented trade routes.


Stuff is the resource you get when staying on a planet for a certain amount of time. The longer you stay on the same planet the faster you gather the resource stuff.

Black Matter

While traveling though space your spaceship automatically gathers black matter. Black matter is the raw form of energy. All black matter not directly consumed by your spaceship's engine is stored in the cargo bay.


During your visits on planets your wisdom will grow. The amount of lore you gain during a stay on a planet depends on how much different planets you have visited so far.


The main goal of the game is to interact with other spaceheads which is awarded with the valuable resource: Fun.

Your Space Ship

For the daredevils among you there is an alpha version ( -only) of the Space Ship available.

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Use at your own risk 








Space Scrap

Meet the Monsters

There are different space monsters you might encounter. Each has it's own stats. Take care...



The mystic

Not that much known about this thing!? Most encounters don't leave anything behind than rumors. Better not to get too close while on low ammo.



Long range sensors, low impact

This sneaky monster lurks mostly in unpopulated areas of outer space. Prying whats going on in his turf it will rarely attack fully powered and undamaged spaceships.


The crazy One

Small brain, big piece

Kind of rum blossom. Almost every creature is more than overpowered when it comes to attack. Doesn't care about shields on low power. Could be a weakness...